The how – tools to make productivity easier

Note however that you should give new tools a chance, just in case they will revolutionize your work.

Tools I used to manage tasks

Eisenhower Assistant is a tool I made myself to track my tasks. It is a basic interface to help prioritize tasks based on the Eisenhower matrix.

Google Calendar is a great tool to track appointments and invite others to the events.

Google Inbox views all your emails as tasks. It allows you to mark them as ‘done’ or lets you snooze them to a later date.

Google Now is the voice assistant that you can download for Android. Specifically, I use it to plan tasks, for example “Ok Google, remind me to finish my mindmap when I get home”

Physical Notebooks are tools I like using on conferences or other places where I don’t want to be using my phone.

Tools I use to manage planning: 

Evernote is my favorite note taking app. I use it to jot down ideas, generate checklists and generally plan projects.

Xmind is my favorite mindmapping tool, it’s simple and powerful. I use it to plan structures, summarize information or to do brainstorms.

Postits are a very nice way to turn your walls into planning and brainstorming tools. I have a permanent collection on my closet.

Apps Master post


Hey guys, this is my first -ever- master post (cause I have never made one before hehe) Just recently i resumed learning Korean (as well as other subjects) and i wanted to share some apps that would be (hopefully) helpful to you guys.






if you have any requests or questions, please feel free to ask/ message me 🙂

Study Apps



The Best Study Apps 

Also issue 2 of @theacademiczine has an article on additional study apps just a shameless promo to add onto this!!!