How music affects your productivity

Everything you need to know about how music affects your productivity – A Life of Productivity:


  • Music (and background noise) consumes some of our attention. The less complicated the music, the better we’re able to focus.
    • Sound is similar to distance, time, or money: it’s relative. There will be times when listening to music is the most productive thing you can do—like when you’re working in a distracting office environment, or when a couple is having a loud conversation when you’re reading at a coffee shop. Then there are times when music is less productive—like when the office is relatively quiet, or the sum of the coffee shop conversations happening around you fade into a collective hum. (This is why apps like Coffitivity can bolster our ability to focus.)
    • No matter what, the music will occupy some of your limited attention
  • Listening to music boosts your performance on habitual tasks.


    • With habitual tasks, it is easy to get bored. Hence music provides some arousal
    • Habitual tasks don’t consume our complete attention, hence we are still able to listen to music
  • Music can lift our mood considerably.


    • Music can make us very happy and boost our energy and performance
  • The more familiar you are with a song, the less of your attention it consumes.


    • We tend to prefer music we are familiar with (even complex ones) and we tend to be less distracted by it
  • Extroverts seem to perform better while listening to music, though it still compromises their performance.


  • Music tends to boost our energy and whilst sometimes we feel like we’ve gotten a lot done that day just listening to music; it isn’t always the case, and it’s easy to fall into this energy vs productivity trap

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Music for Productivity


(image credit) due to 8tracks’ limited availability to the US and Canada, i’ve had to make the switch from 8tracks to Spotify and i could not have regret it in the slightest. thus, i’d like to share with you the greatest benefits i’ve come across during this exam season ~ enjoy!

  • the theory of everything soundtrack: lifechanging. this is incredible for any subject, for any situation – complete with instrumentals for any mood. +check out “cambridge, 1963″, “rowing” and “the wedding”.
  • kill your darlings soundtrack: much like the “theory of everything” soundtrack, it is so reminiscent of soothing and motivational atmospheres. throws you into a world of romanticised poets of the 1940′s. +check out “typing” and “plan on a boat”.
  • 500 days of summer soundtrack: for something indie, calming and motivating at the same time. throws you into an indie romance and tbh, you’re gonna love it. +check out “please please please let me get what i want”, “sweet disposition”, “quelqu’un ma dit” and “hero”.
  • relive harry potter! : complete soundtrack for all 8 movies of the franchise. didn’t want it? too late, you’ve got it.
  • studio ghibli collection: the magic that is joe hisashi and hayao miyazaki, complete in one playlist for all your focus/relaxing needs.
  • 8.5hrs of disney: 175 of the most timeless tracks from the animation industry of our childhood.
  • spotify’s intense studying #classical collection: i haven’t yet tried this one however i’m going to, especially with over 14hrs of listening time.
  • sensuality: i found this just the other day however it’s a beautiful collection of bass-heavy, strong-beat, simple melody pieces.
  • my own instrumental focus playlist: this works without fail for myself, perhaps it can offer you something too – however do make your own and collate some tracks which are 100% no fail for you!
  • and finally, your discover weekly playlist: i’ve linked mine, however spotify creates this playlist for you on a weekly basis, publishing every monday to provide music recommendations. i cannot emphasize how incredible this service is and the amount of music i’ve discovered is phenomenal!