How To Balance Your Mind, Body, and Soul At Work

How To Balance Your Mind, Body, and Soul At Work:

Some excerpts:

My advice is to think about how your mind, body, and soul are being utilized (or not utilized) at work and experiment to see what you can do to find more balance in those areas.


Perhaps you could spend the morning using your mind for learning and more creative tasks, use the afternoon to do something for your body like talking a walk or stretching, and spend the afternoon tapping into something that brings you joy such as listening to music.



Meditate during a short break

Do mentally challenging tasks before easy ones

Read a book on your lunch break instead of scrolling on your phone


Gett up to stretch every hour

Take the stairs instead of the elevator

Keep healthy snacks at your desk (and share them with co-workers)


Diffuse essential oils at your desk

Keep a gratitude or success journal specifically for work

Learn something new in your field of work

For even more ideas that might help you find balance, I shared examples of activities for your mind, body and soul in this post about goal-setting, as well as this post about starting a self-care routine.

Basically, if we create more awareness around our energy levels during the workday, we can get a better understanding of what we need to find more balance.

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What are the list of things that make you feel good and ease your stress?

Your challenge for the weekend:

Take 10-15 minutes this weekend and make a list of all those feel goods.

Whether it was from decades past, or even a few months ago.

Make a list of amazing comfort moments that you can come back to when life feels chaotic and overwhelming.

Then make a list of ideas and things you can do in your life NOW to comfort yourself even more.

I’ve even created a worksheet you can use


A few things to consider as you get started:

Comfy and cozy have a few elements that make them so wonderful.

  • Consider things that eased your stress
  • What felt good and cozy on your body? Think warm blankets, movie days, warm drinks, sun on your skin, etc.
  • What types of things helped you feel nourished and supported?
  • List events or experiences that lingered with you for a long time

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Here’s how to reset your caffeine tolerance – A Life of Productivity

Here’s how to reset your caffeine tolerance – A Life of Productivity:

When you go from consuming zero coffee a day to drinking a single cup, you feel a big energy boost. But soon, your body adjusts, and you need two cups to experience the same effect. Then three. And then maybe even four.

Reduce your caffeine intolerance by:

  1. Going completely cold turkey and cutting it out completely
  2. Slowly reduce the number of cups you have each day until you don’t feel the cravings as much 

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