Today Is a Turning Point


I am finally back in NYC after spending a little over a week at my family home in the woods, and I am so happy.

For the last three years (actually…forever) I’ve felt like I was waiting for my life to begin. In a way I feel like I was spending that time letting my roots heal and grow, but regardless it’s exhilarating to feel like it’s time to start  🌸l i v i n g🌸

I manifested a magical, lovely foundation to grow and thrive and find my perfect balance, now I want to use it. I want to use my time more efficiently, I want to create habits and routines that feel good and heal my mind and body. I want to capture more photos of the places I go and the things I see, so that I can remember them all, and so I can share some of them with you. I want to share more of the moments that illustrate the power of the Law of Attraction and how it moves everything in my experience (and YOURS too). I want to communicate with this wonderful community more consistently. I want to devote time to fun projects that are just little buds, simmering in creative juices.

I love my life, I love my home, I love my roommate, I love my job, I love my city; I love that I get to start and end every day exactly as I please. I love that I have unlimited opportunities every day to create exactly the experience I want to have.

Starting right now✨

I feel that way this year. I feel like it’s a new phase in life for some reason and that there’re amazing things up ahead for me. I feel excited but strangely calm. I feel like I’m on the path to where I want to be and I’m pretty content! Waiting to see what else about life I’d uncover
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