5 Ways to Build Focus and Concentration – College Info Geek

5 Ways to Build Focus and Concentration – College Info Geek:

  • When you get distracted, you waste time getting that distraction done with but there is cognitive switching penalty

In order to take action, your brain has to ‘load’ the context of what you’re doing into working memory. If you constantly switch the focus of your attention, you’re forcing your brain to spend time and effort thrashing, loading and reloading contexts over and over again. That’s why it’s possible to spend an entire day multi-tasking, get nothing done and feel exhausted at the end – you’ve burned all your energy context-switching instead of making progress.

5 ways to focus:

  1. Pre-commitment: Building into place something that forces you to finish something before you even get started. Use commitment devices like Beeminder. Have a consequence for not getting work done. For eg, get X done in 30 mins 
    1. Use the burnt-ships technique: Commit to something by making yourself completely unable to work on anything else. Block distracting sites on your computer (Stayfocused, FocalFilter)
  2. Use a distraction sheet to note down your distractions
  3. Forest app. After 30 mins, they will reward it 
  4. Meditate once a day. 
  5. Eliminate distractions before they happen

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