The how – choose a workflow


If it is not clear what you need to do, you will find yourself doing nothing (or at least nothing effective).

The workflow you choose is not the most important factor. What matters is that you choose a workflow you can stick to. What matters is that the system:

  1. Prioritizes tasks (for example using the Eisenhower matrix)
  2. Has a set protocol for new tasks
  3. Makes you get things done on time

Me personally, I stick to the following strategy:

  1. New tasks are put in an Eisenhower matrix
  2. I use the matrix to determine what needs to happen now and later
  3. Planning in tasks is done with Google inbox reminders and Google calendar

That means that emails that come in that require action for example are first transferred to the Eisenhower matrix (unless replying takes shorter than a few minutes).


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