Korean Language Resources – Studyblrs

I am currently studying Korean on my own, and here are some good Korean tumblrs that I’ve found to be really good. They all cover a variety of things; some cover grammar more whereas others focus on Vocabulary. This list will be updated as time goes on. Please feel free to suggest some good ones of your own too!

Unyoung Learns Korean: http://unyounglearnskorean.tumblr.com/

Study Korean: http://study-korean.tumblr.com/

Letstteok Korean: http://letstteok-korean.tumblr.com/

MyKoreanStudy: http://mykoreanstudy.tumblr.com/

Learning Hangukeo: http://learninghangukeo.tumblr.com/

EasyKoreanIntermediate: http://easykoreanintermediate.tumblr.com/ (kind of inactive)

OnestopKorean: http://onestopkorean.tumblr.com/

Hangeulit: http://hangeulit.tumblr.com/

Cassarilla: http://cassarilla.tumblr.com/

K is for Korean: http://k-is4korean.com/

Teach me Korean: http://teachmekorean.tumblr.com/

Random Hangul: http://randomhangul.tumblr.com/

PrivetKorea: http://privetkorea.tumblr.com/

Exceptionally Jjang: http://exceptionally-jjang.tumblr.com/

TheKoreanExp: http://blog.thekoreanexp.com/

K-lyrics xox: http://k-lyrics-xox.tumblr.com/

Way to fluencyhttp://way-to-fluency.tumblr.com/

SnubiwritesKorean: http://snubiwriteskorean.tumblr.com/

EasyKorean: http://easykorean.tumblr.com/

Koreantalk: http://koreantalk.tumblr.com/

Gaon Korean: http://gaonkorean.tumblr.com/

Korean for Oppahttp://koreanforoppa.tumblr.com/

Korean Journal: http://koreanjournal.tumblr.com/

Learn Korean with music: http://learnkoreanwithmusic.com/

Emily Learns Korean: http://emilylearnskorean.tumblr.com/


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