Productivity: All about the Bullet Journal


here it is!

that long awaited bullet journal post! it’s not much, but hope it gives y’all some inspo/ideas for your own journals!!

i’ll start off with this:

i do not follow the traditional bullet journal system outside of the daily task lists.

my journal doubles as a planner and as an actual journal for thoughts/feelings/etc, so my form is far more free-flowing.

more or less, my bullet journal is my happy place. i put stickers, pictures, quotes, or whathaveyou in it that bring me joy. (in my post i just made, you’ll see old photos, random tags and stuff from my nyc trip, a feather my friend gave me, pretty pictures from catalogues; if it makes you happy, slap it in there!) looking through my bullet journal brings me instant calm, even if the nature of some of the entries may be negative or rather sad. sad words surrounded by happy things give me an odd sense of perspective, if that makes any sense.

click below to get a breakdown of my daily entries:

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